Unreal Corporate Flower Rentals

Our flowers are unreal. Ask anyone.


At Floral Instinct we offer stunning artificial floral arrangements forall your workplace or corporate flower needs.

From your reception and boardroom, to your staff lounge and waiting area, we have hundreds of beautiful, high-quality arrangements that will add warmth and personality to even the greyest of spaces.

Our clients span the entire city of Sydney and surrounds, as well as all the way south to Wollongong, and up north to the Central Coast and Newcastle. Let us know if you’d like us to stop by you sometime soon!

Our flowers

Using only the finest artificial flowers, our florist Lucy styles beautifully modern arrangements into sleek and simple glass vases. With the added touch of “life like” but gloriously un-spillable water, our arrangements look as stunning and real as can be.


Why fake it?

  • Save $$$ on fresh flowers.

  • Flowers stay fresher, longer. WAY longer.

  • Non-allergenic.

  • They’re just as pretty.

How it works


One Week Trial

Everyone likes a freebie - and with our week long, obligation-free trial you can get a feel for how our arrangements work in your space.


Take Your Pick

With arrangements of all styles, colours, and sizes – the tricky part will be picking just one! (Unless of course you want to set your office up as an urban jungle. In which case... go right ahead!)


Fall in Love

Once you’ve fallen in love with our stunning arrangements, (and impeccable service!) you can let us know whether you’d like to continue on a month-to-month or yearly subscription.


Monthly Swap

Each month, we’ll turn up with a smile and a truckload of arrangements so you can have a browse and try something new!


Just because we like to fake it, doesn’t mean we don’t care.

Being in the business of flowers (faux or otherwise), it’s impossible not to notice the natural beauty that surrounds us here in this special land downunder.

In an effort to play our part in the ongoing health of this country and our planet, we have decided to forward 5% of each yearly spend to Rainforest Rescue - an Australian not-for-profit organisation, that has been protecting and restoring rainforests nationally and internationally since 1998.

Pricing & Packages


We wholly agree that “change is as good as a holiday”, so to make sure you have the most fun/choice with your flower picking each month, we offer all sizes and styles of arrangements from the sweet spot of $20/week. Book in your trial today to get your flowers happening, pronto!

from $20/week



Loyalty is our favourite quality here at Floral Instinct, so if you think you’ll be in it for the long haul, let us know and we can let you in on our Unreal VIP Pricing.