For your Office

Artificial Flower Hire for the Office

University research has shown that flowers and plants can make a workplace happier, healthier and more productive. An eight-month 2003 study from the Texas A&M University showed workers generating more ideas, original solutions and innovative thinking in office environments with flowers and plants. A 1996 study from Washington State University reported participants as more productive and attentive with less stress in work environments with plants.

Floral Instinct’s services will brighten your office and lift the moods of your staff and customers –and who doesn’t need a better day?

Saving time and money will also put a smile on your face. You’ll save a huge amount of money compared with fresh flowers that are more costly and need to be changed and ordered more frequently.

Meanwhile, you can count on our floral arrangements to always look good at any time of day. One of our friendly staff will drop by at the same time each month to change your flowers,making sure your office is always at its best.