Watch a two week time lapse in three seconds

Flowers are beautiful – except at the end of two weeks!

We got our mad scientist glasses and lab coats out to conduct an experiment for your benefit.

To show the cost involved between buying real flowers and hiring premium artificial flowers, we’ve created a time lapse video which shows you how fresh flowers decay at the end of two weeks.

The video also demonstrates the quality of our products and the excellent value they deliver. Not only that, but the results speak volumes about how much hassle and money you can save. Not only will you gaze upon a beautiful arrangement every day of the week, it won’t decay and degrade – but instead will remain as fresh to the eyes as when it was delivered.

The Experiment: Click here to watch the time lapse video and read about the results.

Here’s a teaser of some of the images:

 Every space should be filled with beauty – call Floral Instinct for a trial today!

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