Nearly Natural

Natural vs Artificial Plants

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of nature inside, to brighten up your office and create a more pleasing atmosphere, you can find the perfect solution with Floral Instinct’s Nearly Natural Trees.

Commercial and office space interiors can be aesthetically enhanced with lovely Nearly Natural Plants. They can create a more pleasurable meeting and working space for both your clients and staff. Floral Instinct’s amazing range of artificial trees are so realistic that you’ll think they’re real. This is because they are……mostly.

There is a lot of intricate work that goes in to creating Floral Instinct’s Nearly Natural Plants.

After the real trees are grown and harvested, the branches and leaves are removed and the trunks are treated.

Artificial leaves and branches are then attached to the trunks – and voila! The tree is whole once again. Because of this, the colour and texture of the tree trunks are natural, creating a very life-like product.

Real Artificial Plants


It seems like a lot of effort to create an artificial tree, but the results are wonderful.

Floral Instinct are proud to deliver the highest quality products available in Australia and you can purchase them now.

So if you’d like to make your office space a little greener, call Floral Instinct today. They will arrive with samples of their Nearly Natural Trees and Plants for you to view.

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