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An Old-Fashioned Flower in a Modern Setting

Once condemned to being a grandmother's flower, Gladiolus are making a comeback! By using a bold colour arranged en masse, Gladiolus make a statement in this stylish city office. As a complete contrast to the colour and lines of its environment, this arrangement really stands out enhancing the overall design of this contemporary work place.  ...

Watch a two week time lapse in three seconds

Flowers are beautiful - except at the end of two weeks!

We got our mad scientist glasses and lab coats out to conduct an experiment for your benefit. To show the cost involved between buying real flowers and hiring premium artificial flowers, we've created a time lapse video which shows you how fresh flowers decay at the end of two weeks. The video also demonstrates the quality of our...

Nearly Natural

Natural vs Artificial Plants

If you're looking to bring a little bit of nature inside, to brighten up your office and create a more pleasing atmosphere, you can find the perfect solution with Floral Instinct's Nearly Natural Trees. Commercial and office space interiors can be aesthetically enhanced with lovely Nearly Natural Plants. They can create a more pleasurable meeting and working space for both your clients and...

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